Review – Brian Cid releases Asylum/Tricepta on Extinct Records

Artist: Brian Cid
Title: Asylum/Tricepta
Label: Extinct Records
Cat No: EXT005
Release date: 06/05/2015
Genre: Techno/Deep House

Extinct Records label head and master musician Brian Cid has released his two track EP titled “Asylum/ Tricepta”, both of which rejuvenate and give one a sense of how relentlessly fresh and full of fervor his records turn out to be.

“Asylum” serves as an ethereal piece of work that starts with tension-building pads unleashed with a fierce, backing beat. The percussion is intricately twirled around the drums, and hints of the bass to come are teased before the tune drops with a pounding bass line. The hint of floaty vocals, a slippery sliding melody warble fights within its lattice like rhythms. This track, prefers to distill intoxicating, shards of melody into a dense percussive workout. Moreover, it has a breath-taking immersive attitude, that I’ve heard of a dance release this year.

On the flipside, “Tricepta,” is based on the same ingredients, but is in another vein altogether. Multiple pads and synths are layered around a tribal rhythm that feels slower than it really is. The bright synths and stabs contrast with the brooding bass, offering new elements for the listener to discover each time. The track shivers with protean grace. Variations come from minute changes in the pattern, or swooping, gliding synth sweeps that smear the background, as though a painter has suddenly applied a roller to the most delicate of canvases. Effectively hypnotic, the languorous clings and flirty chord play is sublime.

The label has emblazoned its releases with a motto, that of extra terrestrial music. Music one can see with rose-tinted glasses, employing a warm and rich sound that still somehow feels unique. “Asylum” and “Tricepta” are a treat for the ears, but also to dance music fans in general. Don’t miss out!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.