Review – CID Inc releases Temazcal on Sudbeat

Artist: CID Inc
Title: Temazcal
Label: Sudbeat
Cat No: SB069
Release: 27/04/2015
Genre: Progressive

There’s a beast of a label Sudbeat ruling the roost, with an even bigger monster of an artist in their release midst; see’s Scandinavian music master CID Inc, taking control of this latest offering. The one which takes the swag of real dance music, the kind that effortlessly pitches out a flamboyant rolling relentless addictive bass line through the title tune, “Temazcal” on to your unsuspecting senses. The heavy seering quality to this track is so easy to associate with the musicality of CID Inc’s previous works, and always divine for any dance freak. The woody blocks knock on that ascending deep bass exterior, sneering and tense atmospheric clatters play around a lamenting muted melody line. What makes this such a vital piece of work, is the dark and sexy feel unhindered by any chords or melody except for the occasional intense and slightly rave-y buildup or breakdown. Snappy hybrid drum patterns with a bit of house and bit of clattery old-school edge give it a strong drive. A powerful and mind-expanding tune for sure.

Adding to the pack are “Response” and “Fragile Circle” with their impressive forceful grooves. While the former is built with a simple melodic theme, macho vocals, and pure club beats that never gets boring and draws you ever so deep like an audacious spiral, the latter construction is drifted gold. Both are deceptively progressive at the start with a kick-snare pattern and twinkly keys, yet the latter track emerges victorious, with it’s overlays of the odd ‘broken’ beat on the basic rhythm and lets loose one of those stuttering jerky basslines that’s somewhere between wistful and dancey. The density of the melodic layer inside, overrides the beautifully crafted, erratic complexity of the pulsing pads flying around at will, designed to make club crowds spastically ecstatic.
Overall, this is a fantastic release with CID Inc toning down things to suit the label aesthetics, but still delivering a delightfully tricksy musical experience. And, despite the analogy, probably best listened to in the club, not the bedroom.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.