Review – D Ramirez releases The Hobo Jungle EP on Great Stuff

Artist: D Ramirez
Title: The Hobo Jungle EP
Label: Great Stuff
Release: 29/06/2015
Genre: Tech House

D.Ramirez needs very little introduction. An active and ground breaking producer for around 20 years, his magic touch has moved dance floors the world over. Teaming up with house label Great Stuff, Deans back with a heady blend of deep tech house flavours for 2015.

Opener, Control of my Soul shows off Deans musical prowess. With flecks of acid and a meaty rolling bassline, this is D.Ramirez in groove control. The repeating vocal refrain and some interesting Rhodes work adds depth and character in the break. The overall feel of the track is one of a very polished house producer. something for the kids to aspire to.

Feel it for me is where the damage is done. Being a little bit older, and totally in love with the tribal sounds of the turn of the millennium, its this track that instantly had me hitting the play button again. A soulful male vocal asks us to “Feel it all” before the devilish drums and more flecks of acid hammer us into submission. The energy is poured on and by the time the main break hits we are in rapture. Powerful stuff from one of the kings of tribal house!