Review – Dale Middleton releases Chasing Dogs on Sudbeat

Artist: Dale Middleton
Title: Chasing Dogs
Label: Sudbeat
Cat No: SB070
Released: 18/05/2015
Genre: Progressive/Techno

Dale Middleton is a man that we here at Decoded Magazine have been keeping an eye on for some time. He has risen through the ranks with a number of strong releases on labels such as Plattenbank, Sex On Wax, and Gatspiel, and now he makes his return on Sudbeat with his first full release on the label, and what a release it is!

First up on the release is the title track “Chasing Dogs” which is most certainly a peak time track that has plenty of gusto! The track is filled with a low end growling bassline that flows throughout the track and keeps it all sounding rather fierce. Dale uses a stubby like riff that adds an almost techno like groove to this track, and those luscious warm pads that Dale has used lift the track to another plain of delight. In some ways the bassline reminds me of this early Luke Chable records that caused a stir back in the early 00s, and still reverberate in my mind to this day! Superb track here from Dale, and one I will certainly be listening to a lot of over the next few weeks.

The second track on the release is entitled “Scratch The Sky” and from the off you just know this is a track that is going to hold back no punches. It has an almost classic progressive sound to it which has been freshened up by some modern sounding percussion and some superb stabs. The bassline has a superb groove to it that helps to carry the elements along on a sublime blanket of progressive joy. The cymbal rides Dale has used give it a great energy and keep it sounding techny. Definitely one for those peak time progressive sets, and one I am sure Mr Cattaneo has enjoyed hammering over the past few months. Hats off Dale!!!

The final track on the release, “Think Of You” is a very different sound to the previous track. Dale has opted to end this release with a stubby, groove laden techno number that would certainly not be a miss in sets by any of the techno elite. The track does has a couple of vocal samples running through it that blend perfectly with the rhythm and tone of the track. The hi hats have a great energy, and the percussion used throughout bounces from each element in perfect harmony. Although I would class this as a techno track you can tell Dale has his progressive roots, as the track still has a great ethereal hypnotic sound flowing through it like moonlight through the night sky. About midway through Dale chooses to use those energetic cymbal rides that kick in just after the break, and the whole track lifts yet again with more energy and vigour. Stellar work Mr Middleton!

A very good release here from Dale Middleton on one of the best and most consistent labels around. Every time I hear a new production by Dale I can hear that his skills are just getting better and better. If the man keeps producing tracks like this I don’t think it will be long before we see him on Sudbeat again or maybe even the likes of Bedrock!!! Watch this space!!!

Think Of You is a stompy grooved, warm stabbed, swaggered gem, with its cool vocal and hypnotic vibe flowing throughout its head nodding journey.

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