Review – Dave Angel returns to Bedrock

Artist: Dave Angel
Title: Progress/Stand Strong
Label: Bedrock
Release Date: Out now!
Genre: Techno

Regarded as one of the most prolific figures of the UK dance music, namely Techno scene, Dave Angel gets a fierce spotlight on with his two track release on the gigantic Bedrock label this month.

Showcasing all the masterful finesse that comes from years of being an outstanding music maker, “Progress” the first of the two tracks promises one a total workout. It lives up to its name with a saucy two-step/broken beat rhythm that complements the tracks rascally vocals that intersperses nicely with the run along bass line. Punchy and almost impossible not to dance to, it’s also littered with a load of clever old school charm that should warm up even the hardened dance floor bores. The glitchy pulverising interiors, hark down to masochistic pleasure of jacking one’s body until the joints have been dislocated because that’s what this tune makes you want to do. This is an idiomatic dance track that is on one level incredibly familiar and yet it’s also refreshingly different.

On the B-side, we have “Stay Strong”, which on the other side of the coin goes towards being lean, despite its colorful house aesthetic. The interiors get dark, almost dingy, and beckons you to the floor for another romp. With a steady thumping bass shine that’s incredulously fancy over a spooky sigh, it gives support for the modulating center chord to thrive in full. This track is assured and controlled in its execution, wondrous and transporting in its effect. In short, a stunning release from the legend on one of the top labels of our time.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.