Review – Jay Haze and ESB release Refine To Deepness EP on Leftroom

Artist: Jay Haze and ESB feat. Tyler
Title: Refine To Deepness EP
Remixers: Nail & Cottam
Label: Leftroom
Cat No: LEFT057
Release: 15/06/2015
Genre: Deep House

Based out of Berlin, Jay Haze is a sophisticated super star and cohorts with ESB to bring us “Refine To Deepness EP”. The original mix stands real tall and heads above the rest in it’s simplistic treatment of producing an insanely good dance track of the style in question. There’s a shimmering Live instrumentalisation to it’s body. The sinewy vocals of Tyler, sound coolest to the ears, and never too much. The clangish chord appears and disappears just at all the right times, finding a skittering bass that’s sweet as honey, and the swell and rising is scissor good. One instantly knows why this particular label is good enough to eat!

Furthermore, the imprint ropes in Nottingham musician Nail to provide two remixes, the first of which is a juddering beast. With an unrelenting musicality all around and cunning synth stabs punctuating your aural senses like a kindred fizzle. Tyler’s vocalism gets a boost, quite vivacious and yet gets down and belting, than the original. Charming, in comparison to Nail’s second version called Smoke Dub, which is like floating in cloudy comfort and unlike the lucid clean lines of the former. This one creaks and groans with it’s skittish bass warble, and no one can miss the under body full of murky machination. The deep chested hypnotic pulses of far away vocals, is but beauteous to behold. This one’s Tambourine and ground breaking.

Cottam Club Dub creates a vessel of unorganized glitch. As far away from the rest of the pack as can be, unexpectedly so. A relentless, two tone bonking takes over, threatening disembodied speakers, over an umbrella of indistinguishable shudders of bass, rat-a-tat arpeggios burning your brains, with high frequency hisses and spits of fiery acidic rain. This EP rates high!!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.