Review – Latest release on Babiczstyle by Rob Acid

Artist: Rob Acid
Title: Analog Session
Label: Babiczstyle
Release: 08/05/2015
Genre: Acid House/Techno

Rob Acid as you may or may not know, is a side project of Robert Babicz solely aimed at that classic 303 sound which entranced a generation. Always jam sessions, they represent, in audio form, the meanderings of an artist is complete control of his equipment.

Analog sessions 1 to 3 are full of character, with beefy 808 drums, interesting percussion arrangements and oodles of acid licks. Nr 1 is a DJ tool with no real start or stop point, and broken only by well placed breaks. Its undeniable value being a fun and useful 5 minutes of chilled tech, which loses nothing in pace but never really fires up. Moody and fierce, Nr 2 is a totally different beast and gets going from the off. I for one will be using this as a great outro style track to either finish a mix, or to segue neatly into a different style or tempo of track. Nr 3 again picks up the pace with its frantic patterns and feels the most rounded of the three. Even though I’ve written a rather morabund review of them, these 3 tracks are better engineered and of a greater standard than many techno tracks I’ve heard for a long while, and deserve you attention if you DJ techno or tech house.

The final two tracks complete vindicate that last statement in spades. True Blood is a solid club destroyer. Acidic mayhem and quality melodics dance merrierly together, and give the listener everything they expect from a Robert Babicz/Rob Acid masterpiece. Fire is just plain filthy! If the EP were just these two tracks, I would quickly run out of superlatives to describe them, so lets just say, its a great EP overall and something you can dip into for a long while.