Review – Leftroom release ZTRK1 by Jasper James

Artist: Jasper James
Title: ZTRK1 EP
Label: Leftroom
Released: 01/06/2015
Cat No: LEFT05
Genre: Techno

Enjoying a decade in the music industry, and being part of the A list labels, Leftroom Records does no wrong in releasing James Jasper’s new EP “ZTRK1”. First up the original mix is what most will want to get their grubby little hands on, delivered in all its full-length, monstrous, machine-writhing glory. When a generous huge synth stab arrives, the only thing to do is run for the floor. The arpeggios pulse on and on, incessant and naughty as can be. The super gorgeousness of the track is felt largely due to the repetitive, robotic beats, subtle analogue bleeps and whirrs, but the sheets of metallic percussion and insistent riffs provide the necessary impetus to dance like no ones watching.

Next one in the pack, “Motel One” the original mix, is more laid back. James fuses dubby beats inside a dreamy and strangely catchy chord sequence with a rare, tasteful deployment of blocky bass. It’s abstract, wiry rhythm hurls one to be useful in a club setting.

The label sidles on to Croydon DJ/Producer Skream to provide the lone remix of the latter track. One cannot miss the Euro-centric feel all over the body of his rework. He also provides an ominous affair, as a bouncing bass leads the listener into an expansive, rumbling track, lent by some propulsion of a reverberating skittish interiors. Skream ups the ante with whiplash percussion and a bubbling beat. Lastly, it’s more dance floor friendly than the preceding cuts, underpinned by skewed, metallic rhythm. The drummy plot paves a path through a murky, textured soundscape.

Good stuff guys!!

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Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.