Review – Selador release the massive I Know Change by Jaap Ligthart

Artist: Jaap Ligthart
Title: I Know Change
Label: Selador
Cat No: SEL024
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Deep House/Progressive

Now I admit this review might smack of nepatism, but the fact remains our Dutch production powerhouse, Jaap Ligthart has been on the edge of greatness for a number of years. I first became aware of Jaap about 3 years ago when I asked him for a guest mix for my podcast. We kept in touch and when This is Progressive kicked off, he was a natural choice to get involved. His DJing has always been top notch, and he’s now headlining international gigs as well as warming up for progressive A class DJs like Guy J and Hernan Cattaneo. His production work though, has always been his greatest asset.

This slow burn approach has really paid off, and we find his latest offering on Dave Seaman & Steve Parry’s excellent Selador Recordings. Already finding its way in to the hard drives of the great and good, YouTube is awash with Maceo Plex videos of him dropping the Show B mixes of this track. Its also appearing on multiple charts of influential DJs from across the house spectrum. Long story short, this is very likely to be the soundtrack of your summer holiday.

So on to the track itself. Award winning Danish singer songwriter Alice Rose is pivotial to the success of this track, a delicate, winsome deep houser. Bass and beats weave a playful story as the melodies dip in and out of the piece each acting as counterpoints of tension. Skippy hats keep things ticking along nicely and the whole arrangement gives just enough for Ms Rose to hang her vocals from.

Remixes come from the exceptional talent of UK duo Him_Self_Her and Germany’s Show-B. My pick are the excellent HSH mixes. Tougher that the original, they retain every ounce of emotion and melodic nuance, adding that quentissentual UK grit. Show-B on the other hand opts to add a much more percussive and minimal feel (which has found favour with the aforementioned Maceo Plex). Its a darker, clubbier sound and will no doubt see a lot of action at the more techno orientated events for the next few months.

As the Selador boys put it, “it’s hotter than Megan Fox in Agent Provocateur and cooler than a Polar Bear’s toenails. What’s not to like?”