Robert Babicz – Rave Angel EP

Artist : Robert Babicz
Titile : Rave Angel EP
Label : Bedrock Digital
Cat No : BEDDIG152
Release : 4th August 2014
Genre : Babiczstyle

Robert Babicz moved to Germany from his native Poland in 1980 and began making dance music in the early 1990s, when acid house was at its peak of popularity. His career has thus far spanned more than two decades and it is evidently clear from the music that he creates, that he has devoted his life to his craft. A much respected connoisseur of sound design and production, his services as a mastering engineer are in demand all over the world. He is also well known as an exciting live performer, utilising a host of synths and live equipment to enhance the improvisation in every set he plays. But Babicz’s art is comprised of more than just his music. He films everything, later editing the images together as a visual accompaniment to his audio. His short films capture the emotions, colours and feel of his trips and in turn, these then also have an effect on his music, colouring his emotive, unique take on electronica with a very human feel.

Here we see Babicz make a welcome return on one of the UK’s premier dance labels – Bedrock. John Digweed has been on fire of late, both as a DJ and with his signings to the label, and this is three tracker is nothing short of amazing! We begin with the uncompromising ‘Rave Angel’ which starts off innocently enough with an off beat bass and fairly standard kick/hat, but its the introduction of that sublime reverbed key line that suddenly knocks this track up a few notches. This is pure dance floor gold, but beware, its not a track to drop frivolously, this must be carefully planned to cause complete devastation.

Next up, ‘Shifting Reality’ opens with an enormous kick drum and gnarly bass synth. This is Babicz in an angry dark place. And as the toms come in to accompany the drum heaviness he deftly transforms this track from generic techno into nuanced and emotive tech crossover. By two and a half minutes with the introduction of the percussion lines, the track really comes to life powering its way on. Element after element add further nuance; strings, guitars, high pitched arps and pads all add their flavour and are handled with the kind of care, patience and attention to detail you would expect from a master like Babicz. The breakdown around the six minute mark comes as a pleasant relief, but its only a brief respite before we are off again into oblivion. A wonderful mid set warm up/late night track.

Lastly, ‘Wonderland’ features a truly evil bass line and the heaviest of the drums in this EP. A total dance floor beast, this is sure to delight not only the techno fans, but all manner of house aficionados too. The breakdowns are elongated, epic and full of tension, the beats razor sharp, the baseline devilishly good. Drop this one in a club already under your spell and watch the madness take hold!!

Three sure fire winners here. Buy this at all costs.