Ron Flatter – Desert EP

Artist: Ron Flatter
Title: Desert EP
Remixers: Cosmic Cowboys, Microtrauma, Reinier Zonneveld, Van Bonn, Kohra
Label: Traum
Cat No: Traum V182
Release Date: 03/11/2014
Genre: Techno

Ron Flatter’s last release on Traum was the rather impressive “Mantequilla”, and was a firm favourite with some of the big name DJs out there. Ron has recently been focussing on writing music, and this release is the latest fruits of his labour.

The first track on the release is “Desert” and it is a track that is filled with subtle FX and a rather heart-warming melody; the track also has some wicked drum hits. The synth used on this track adds a certain emotional feel, and that coupled with the vocal snippet is not a million miles away from early Moby tracks.

Next up on the release is the second original track, “Stupid World”. After listening to the first track on the release you would not expect this track. It is a lot more dance floor orientated and filled with some subtle other worldly keys that drip in and out of the track like warm melted butter. After the first break you are presented with a very nice piano that adds a very warm and uplifting feel to the track. It is one of those tracks that just makes you smile. Very well produced and a track that is perfect for those DJs looking to bring a little more to their sets.

The third track is one of five remixes of the title track “Desert”. First up on remix duty is Cosmic Cowboys. The first thing you notice is the use of a very grubby sounding bass that changes the mood of the original. There are also some very nice additions of percussion that almost sound like jangling keys… Trust me that is not a bad thing, just try to ignore my poor description! The break in the track is now more orchestral sounding than the original. Very well crafted track and one for the more forward thinking DJs!

The second remix comes from the mighty Microtrauma who have released a series of superb remixes on the Traum imprint. If you are a fan of their work you will know what to expect, and you will no doubt like this rework by the duo. The track has great use of drum hits and a very good groovy bassline that flows throughout. The whole track is just beefed up more and directed solely at the dance floor. Nice work!

Next up on remix duty is Reinier Zonneveld who like Microtrauma is well known for his Traum productions and reworks, and does not disappoint here. He uses the piano far more than the other remixes and creates a very nice loop that is used to introduce his remix. Some great shuffling hi hats and drum hits that help add a lot of pace to the track. This is easily the paciest on the release and one I would certainly play out a lot. The Synth is warm and bubbly and adds an almost progressive feel to his techno track. One I could certainly see the likes of Hernan Cattaneo playing.

The sixth track on the release sees a remix from Van Bonn. This is another fine techno work out but very different to the others, as it has a more Detroit feel to it. Very stabby and full of a nice infectious groove that will definitely get a hammering by DJs out there who appreciate a more locked groove sound to their techno.

The final track on the release sees Kohra take his hand to the track, “Desert”. In some ways this is probably my favourite of the remixes. This really is a journey track and one that is filled with luscious warm keys and deep sounding synth lines. Kohra adds some lovely FX which all feel well placed, and at all times, wrapped in this emotional and joyful warmth. This really is stellar work form this man. Go check it out folks.

A superb package here from Traum. I do find the label to be one of the most consistent out there at present for the more intelligent and forward thinking artists.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!