Rumors release label sampler – Chinese Whispers

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Rumors Label Sampler – Chinese Whispers
Label: Rumors
Catalogue Number: RMS004
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: House/Techno

In less than a year of starting out Guy Gerber’s Rumors label has become one of the outlets from where we can expect some of the most classy and cultured House music releases around. Offering up a bunch of original tracks in this latest sampler edition, the musical proceedings start up with Martin Buttrich & Conrad Black’s “Siamese Connection”. It is a track that connects all the dots with strong grooves in forward motion, minimal fuss, pitched slightly upward with it’s piercing pingles, nervous bass, and skittles vocal. Next up Rhymus’ “Grey Table” brings out an open novelty with it’s richly textured interiors. A beautifully crafted dance gem, hurriedly moving along the path on a rat-a-tat-tat bass line. The zig zagging squalls of melody is refined and awash in milky reverb. The listening experience is lush, engrossing and of excellent framework as it touches the back half, progressing ever so slightly.

“Too Dark For You” by Chaim feat. Metial Derazone breaks off with a vocal reprieve, one of acid disco vibe. A bone dry drummy pattern accompanies the bass which only opens nearly 2 minutes in to the track. Thereafter, a flutter of ornate percussive track meets the friendly melodic sample, and its all abandon from thereon. “Squares” by Hunter/Game, brings things a notch down, yet has clatters, shivers of heavy beats adorning the center. The complicated humid atmosphere in the track is haunting and aching in parts. The percussives, and thick drum gurgles, pushed by the sub bass upwards makes it the number one would sway to.

“Before We Are Strangers Again” by Clarian is clever subterfuge. Clearly this one rocks the middle of the pack like no other. The track just sounds smart with it’s every cleave, heave and noise placements. The design of the body is late night party fodder. The spacey clatter and bass grooves have a quick velocity to them, complimented by smoky masculine vocalism, that appear just for the right amounts of time. The underground darkness comes out through the speakers and gives you a massive electronic hug.

Careening straight in to the back half of the sampler with “Aftermath” by Sow Wild Oats is brilliant in a more hazy way. Electronic drips give way to sultry vocalism and thwacking bass jars, paired with understated, twisted acid synth curvatures, sound fashionably good. Chin up, big room attitude at its best. “Epiphany” – Vonda 7 on the other hand, reeks friendly squeal, unexpectedly so. With a rolling beat and happy skippy snares along-side shifting modulated synthesized pads. Finishing it up ”Do It All” by Mario J takes up from it’s friendly neighbor and gives some amount of workout bass, churlish wood blocks of full bodied beats. The pace is sped up, while the unavoidable snares and rattle filled bearing has great force and clarity. The drowning patchy vocals, lend a nice bit of overture on top. The only bit of criticism I can lay overall is the lack of emotional range, regardless, when you strip away the conceptual framework, you’re left with a collection of tracks that stand out as a part of a solidly good release. The project is stylistic, crafting an album that reveals its showcase gradually, layer by layer, with each spin of the disc.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.