SeamLess Beat – Colors review

Artist : SeamLess Beat
Title : Colors
Label : J00F Recordings
Release : Out Now
Genre : Chill Out/Deep Electronica

Its not often I get to review an album where I know nothing about the producer, but Nik Newman aka SeamLess Beat is one such artist. Over the course of nine months painstaking experimentation with field recordings, sound design ideas and even his own voice recordings, he developed 25 themes which finally distilled into these fifteen songs. He admits he doesn’t have a lavish studio, but what he’s created shows his open minded, genre dismissive approach to music, and an album that reminds me in part of Dousk’s first album D.I.Y. “I simply created off feel throughout the entire process.” Nik modestly told me in conversation.


The album itself is a schizophrenic marriage of ambient textures, some starkly drone like, such as Mystic Soul and A Souls Realm; abstract and otherworldly, with languid beats and dub bass like Whispers and The Prayer. He also manages a few more, dare I say, club orientated works in the form of Middle Eastern inspired deep progressive tracks, Closure and The Drums of Zion. The overall sound is one of utmost care and attention to detail. Each track was written with love and has a personal story attached to it. This is an album best listened to in quiet contemplation with headphones on, and only the mid week rain tapping on your window for company. Its an insular journey through the mind of a gifted musician and tells a deep and meaningful story through sound and texture.

“Colors gave me the opportunity to express a personal journey through sound. It wasn’t about music or melodies per say. The album is a collection of feelings and thoughts about life, society, relationships and rules conveyed among surreal and blurred soundscapes. The title “Colors” signifies confusion and difference, a deepness of understanding, abnormality if you will. Just as Human Beings were never supposed to belong in a manufactured society, the word Colors doesn’t appear to belong with what you are listening to. The deepness of any color however goes far beyond what the eye can see. The same notion is true of sound, and although when listening to Colors one might think of darkness, I created it for a different perspective. For me the message of the album is just as simple as it is complex. That is, that all of us can relate to the unexplainable and dream the unimaginable if we open our minds inward and listen to ourselves.”  – SeamLess Beat

01// Mystic Soul
02// Whispers
03// A Souls Realm
04// Freedom
05// Imagination
06// Closure
07// Transcendance
08// Time to Move On
09// Abstract Paint
10// Robot-ism
11// Tunnels
12// The Prayer
13// Through The Mist
14// The Drums of Zion
15// The Fallen