Several Definitions – Handle Me EP

Artist : Several Definitions
Title : Handle Me EP
Label : CitySeven Music
Release : May/June 2015
Genre : Tech House

I’ve reviewed a couple of tracks from Luke Brancaccio’s new label, and every one has been briliant. Some have featured the artist here as a remixer, and I’m glad he’s been given the opportunity to shine. Previously as half of Radi & Keith, Swiss producer Jeremy Vieira enjoyed a modicome of success, but its as Several Definitions he’s really found his stride. Signed to Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound, Toes in the Sand, CitySeven and Underground Audio, his signature tech sound is finding favour with a wide selection of DJs.

The Handle Me EP represents a very, dare I say, English sound. Indeed, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid had this come out on VIVa or Toolroom. Title track ‘Handle Me’ bristles with life and vitality. Bumpty beats and a devilish filtered saw tooth bass with a vivacious female lead vocal propel this disco inspired cut into instant underground classic status. This is the kind of mid set mayhem to get you to that place, where a night of feverous dancing is an absolute must. ‘La Grace’ on the other hand feels more measured and refined. Its well placed stabs and diving pads adding a touch of class to the preceedings.

‘In My Head’ is deeeep. Like bottom of the ocean deep. Lush pads and stabs power this along with the kind of energy you’d expect from a really well produced trance track. Cerebral and thoroughly engaging, this is another, frankly welcomed side to Jeremy’s sonic arsenal. Imagine Vangelis reinterpreted as a tech house cross over artist, and you come someway close to this beast. Finally, rounding out the EP is ‘To The End’, which at first listen seems harmless enough, but trust me, in the right surroundings this kicks some serious tail! The piano in the breakdown is particularly potent. 

Overall, a well rounded and pleasing EP from a talented producer who deserves a lot more of our attention.