Artists : Solaris Heights
Track : Midnight
Label : Firepwny
Cat No : FPY001
Release: 23/04/2014
Genre : Deep House
Review by Ian French

Firepwny’s debut sees a re-release of the classic house track “Midnight” by Solaris Heights. The record was first released on Airtight in 2002 and some of you may remember it from the rather superb Fabric 07 mixed by Halo and Hipp-e. Solaris Heights have been releasing music since 1998 on legendary labels such as Freerange, Renaissance, Guidance, Noir and Paper Recordings and have recently signed to Glasgow Underground for upcoming releases in 2014. I won’t waste any time talking about the original, as it holds so many good and special memories for me I’ll only bang on about how good it is. The new release of ‘Midnight’ comes with two fresh remixes that highlight both ends of the deep house spectrum.

First up to take on the daunting task of remixing such a well loved track in DJ/producer and REfINE label boss Neil Quigley. This version is very different from the original, as it takes on a far more moody and deep vibe than the original with a great rolling baseline that really does get under your skin. Neil uses the full vocal in parts and also cleverly weaves a looped version of the vocal in the background to help add to that deep, almost proggy vibe. The moody baselines and chuggy percussion keep the listener interested right up to the superb melodic climax. Having now listened to the track numerous times it really is a superb production and a great update of a classic track, and with support from Hernan Cattaneo who can disagree! Take a bow son, take a bow!

Next up on remix duties is Rievaulx who has had releases on German techno label Kickboxer and French deep-house label Missive Music. Rievaulx takes a different angle to Neil Quigley and produces a more warm and almost electronic vibe to the track. Again the full vocal is used and all in all is a very nice melodic remix that would be well received on many a dancefloor.

The track is certainly getting the right attention from the big names such as Tensake, Maceo Plex, Eric Volta, and of course Hernan Cattaneo, as I mentioned earlier. For me the pick of the bunch is Neil’s remix but a superb release as a whole. Good work Firepwny on your first release, you have my attention!

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!