Stefan Vincent returns home to Dynamic Reflection for only his second release of 2017

Artist: Stefan Vincent
Title: The Spaces Between Time
Label: Dynamic Reflection
Cat No: DREF037
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

For those hardcore Stefan Vincent fans, the build-up to the release of this EP has been endless. Since his near-perfect EP on Dutch label, Anagram mid last year there are a greedy few who’ve been hungry for more. But he’s a busy man, not just taking his time perfecting his tracks but also painting his own artwork for this release himself.

Never one to mess about Stefan drops us straight into wild with, ‘Synesthesia’, which almost feels like it’s almost come directly out of the back end of his track, ‘Elephants Foot’ from a few years ago. Light, tight, tribal percussion hold together the delicately swirling bass line and distant melodies as a playful, rounded acid line rises and takes it place. All these subtle sounds swirl around each other. Communicating and yet ignoring each other at the same time. A slight break and drop and enter some of the most divine acid I’ve heard in a long time. The kind of acidic sounds that get Hardfloor out of bed in the mornings, or would fit right in on an old Platipus record. Taking its sweet sweet time, the acid is steadily combined with the clean, crisp synth that evokes a deep sense of melancholy. This is a beautiful piece of music.

A2 and it’s the duo from Artefakt on ‘Synesthesia’ remix duties. The boys again drop us straight into it. Instant tension as looping, dark acid line circles around you while a softly broken kick seems to create a sense that you’re trapped somehow. Pitter patters of percussion hint at their presence as shuffling hats launch suddenly and the build begins. Keeping the drums fairly light and tight we’re drawn back to that same wondrous synth and taken away again. Nick and Robyn do an amazing job working a new rhythm and groove into the tune while still keeping the same dreamy and nostalgic feel.

B1, ‘Argon’ and we’re up and about. A high knocking kick pulls us through a light bleeping melody. A fog of white noise begins to descend and then evaporates again. Boom, full kick drops behind the polite knock that brought us this far and it all comes together. The melodic loop circles about while perfectly places stabs and cuts of percussion slice their way perfectly through the groove. Then like that, it’s gone.

Finishing up with the poetically titled ‘For A Brief Moment We Could Stop Time’. We’re greeted by a sweet whimpering acid loop leading the way. Hints and allegations of percussion slowly creep out of the darkness and with them, some lovely, shimmering synth that feels like a torn sail flapping and whistling in the wind, glides in behind us. A counterintuitive acid line that’s been slowly lapping us in the distance bubbles up from below and begins interacting playfully with its still whimpering accomplice. Again the imagery and emotion that is created for the listener are amazing. Techno can be so uniquely personal like that. Different sounds create different feelings and images for everyone, Stefan seems to be able to create such textured, rich emotions that grow and drag you deeper and deeper into your imagination.

Another dreamy, driving exercise in deep techno and acid by a modern master in the making.

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About the Author

Growing up in Melbourne Matt’s introduction to electronic music happened during the legendary rave scene erupting in the warehouses of Melbourne’s industrial West. Matt grew up on all the classics, Carl Cox’s 'F.A.C.T', Laurent Garnier’s ‘Laboratoire’ mix, and of course all the Reactivates and early K7 mixes. During the winter of 1995, Derrick May & Stacey Pullen introduced Matt to Detroit techno, and that was that. Soon after Jeff Mills released ‘Live at The Liquid Room’ and Matt already all consuming interest in deejaying and techno exploded. Fast forward 20 plus years and Matt is still obsessed with electronic music, records and deejaying. Now a resident for the flagship Australian techno label, Nightime Drama, Matt has played alongside some of the biggest names in techno including Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Derrick May, DJ Bone, Dasha Rush, Kangding Ray, and many more.