Synthetic Epiphany – Solaris EP

Artist : Synthetic Epiphany
Album Name : Solaris
Label : Unknown
Release : March 7th 2014
Genre : Electronic/Dubstep/Drum & Bass
Review by Ian French

Here we have a very young emerging talent by the name of Synthetic Epiphany. I first stumbled across this guy by pure chance on Bandcamp and really liked his unique sound and understanding of beats and melodies. He has released a few albums and EPs over the past few years and has even worked with the likes of CoMa.

First up on this album is “Gravity” which is a nice 4 minute electronica number that would not feel out of place in sets by the likes of James Zabiela or Max Cooper. The track is very well produced and builds nicely with some superbly layered soundscapes that build into downtempo breaks.

The second track on offer here has been named “Invictus” that begins with a lovely piano intro and vocal sample. After a short time we get that almost signature Synthetic Epiphany dubstep/breaks style that I normally love so much but on this track I almost feel like it sounds like an almost unfinished or confused 2 step track.

The third track on the album has been titled “Stand Up, Let’s Go Back”. Again the track begins with a lovely piano intro but you soon realise this track has far more pace to it when the drum and bass style beats kick in. This track is almost like what the last track should have been. I like it when this producer turns his hand to drum and bass tracks. I feel he does not produce enough tracks of this style. Nice track!

Next up we have a track named “Ancients” which is very similar to Invictus and again does not really do much for me musically but one thing is for sure this guy can write beats and baselines.

“Grounded” is the fifth track on the album and this time Synthetic Epiphany turns his attention to deep/minimal house and he does not make a bad job of it at all. The track has a nice bass line rumble throughout which sounds almost like the bass lines found in a Disclosure track. The one negative here is that the track does take a little while to get going. This track would certainly appeal to DJs looking for groovy warm up material.

After “Grounded” comes a mellow house style track called “Autopilot” This track certainly has intro appeal and has a nice vocal sample weaved throughout. Not going to blow dance floors away but it certainly has a cool groove, and some nice chords throughout.

The penultimate track of the album is titled Flatline and is a very nicely produced chill out track that would not be amiss on the sound systems at Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo. The track has a lovely guitar throughout and I can certainly imagine hearing this as the sun goes down on many a beach bar.

The final track on the album is called “Hyperdrive” and is also a bonus track. The track has some good strings through it but the almost crossover dubstep sound really does not do much for me at all i’m afraid.

In conclusion the album is very well produced with some very nice soundscapes and beats. For me it is not some of Synthetic Epiphany’s best work and I do really wish he would produce far more drum and bass, as the guy clearly understands good beats and bass lines. For me if you want to hear some of this guys best work go and listen to his “The Archives” album on Bandcamp.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!