Systematic Recordings Marc Romboy – Elgur/Nasa review

Artist : Marc Romboy
Title : Elgur / Nasa
Label : Systematic Recordings
Release : 23rd Feb 2015
Cat No : SYST0103
Genre : House/Techno

Fresh from his standout Boiler room show with Stephen Bodzin at the tailed of 2014 in sunny Sao Paulo, Marc Romboy is back to his best with two fine cuts which display his unique and gifted talent. To add further sparkle, these tracks form part one of a three part series which will be release periodically over the year. Both tracks display the classic Romboy Moog synth lines and remarkable arpeggios that we know and love. Systemic Recordings is the brainchild of Marc and Natasha Romboy and was set up in their home town of Monchengladbach in 2004, it has stayed fiercely connected to the dance floor describing its vision as a fusion of early Chicago house, the complex and funky appeal of mid -eighties electro/breakdance and the essence of acid house; B-Boy attitude with house sensibilities.


Elgur lumbers into life with a deeply satisfying drum line and interesting 80s synth work, this continues with the introduction of a rumbling eerie bass. Patience is required here, this is groove music and the percussive elements don’t really kick in until the 2 minute mark, from thereon it picks up pace delightfully. The string line around the 3 minute mark is Vangelis like and I imagine Romboy making the soundtrack for the new Bladerunner. As if knowing Im drifting off, the beats kick in and we’re off again exploring the outer realms of this interesting marriage of synth and gritty drum work. Again the strings make a reappearance and agin Im lifted by the music beyond the dull and one dimensional, its almost a shame the track has to end…

Nasa starts in a similar fashion with a repeated piano refrain building tension before the bass drum kicks in around 30 seconds. This one is more assertive. Percussion gleefully springs into life and draws the listener in adding elements along the way, again tension is used to keep attention. The main hook this time appears to be some very fine keyboard work by Mr Romboy; gated staccato stabs adding a layer of unfamiliar. The piano refrain plays through out, but fails to become repetitive or annoying, instead acting as a point on which all the other layers can hang. The break is brief around the four and a half minutes mark, and its not long before we head off into the latter part of the track and more psychotic gated stabs twisted and evil, but ultimately encouraging and inviting weirdly becoming acidic in tone at points.

Very good work from a long time house ambassador, you’d do well to pick these bombs up.