Trinity & Beyond – 1000 points of light

Artist: Trinity & Beyond
Title: 1000 points of light
Label: Cinematique
Release Date: March 2014
Genre: Progressive House
Review by Simon Huxtable

Trinity & Beyond is a collaboration between close friends DJ Trinity and producer John Tzineris and is borne out of a passion for all things musical. Trinity is best known as one of Australia’s most highly regarded female artists and performs as both a DJ and live act, while Tzineris brings to the production table studies in classical music composition acquired at Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music.

The album, which was recorded live, will be available as digital download and comes as a strictly limited edition CD as well.
Cinematique was found in the beginning of 2010 as a Manual distribution label first and has become an official sister label of Manual Music in January 2012. The label seeks to explore the boundaries of house, techno and everything in between. offering a platform for known and unknown producers will have a strong focus on creativity, originality, danceability and diversity to shine.

What is instantly felt from the first listen is the incredible level of production both Renae and John have shrived for. the opening tracks are beautiful ambient pieces filled with emotion. By track 3 – Broken Landscapes, I’m hooked. Delicate beats and soaring melodies fill my headphones and I can feel the stress of th day lifting from my shoulders, such is the power of the music. The title track Blinded by a 1000 points of light is equally delightful and I wonder when I come to write this review, whether I’ll have enough superlatives to not sound gushing! In fact my only gripe with the album as a whole is that despite being recorded live, the tracks are split up which loses some of the energy and flow of the overall piece.
Sleepwalking picks up the pace. A solid mid set progressive house track, it powers towards the breaks which offer a brief solace before once more heading deep in to the vibe. By the time my personal favourite Song of the Shattered thunders in, I’m about as relaxed as I’ve been in years, floating on a sea of tranquil blue water.

This is very much an album for music fans of labels like Kilk, Sleepless Nights, Lowbit and Anjuna who want an emotive, well produced, thoughtful alternative to a night of madness in the clubs and bars of the world.

01// Coming Home
02// Rotating Matter
03// Broken Landscapes
04// Blinded by 1000 Points Of Light
05// Sleepwalking
06// Better Days
07// Drifting Moments
08// Song Of The Shattered
09// The 11th Hour