Woodblock – Illusion

Artist : Woodblock
Title : Illusion
Label : Cinematique
Cat No : CIN056
Date : 30/06/2014
Genre : Melodic Techno
Review by Ian French

Woodblock is a talented new producer from the Ukraine. With the current political unrest in the country you could almost forget that the majority of people would like to live in peace and harmony, and in the case of Woodblock, produce some beautiful atmospheric music. Woodblock is clearly a young man who likes to experiment with his sounds and certainly has a distinctive sound. His music projects an almost spacial mood which is reflected in his complex and intricate melodies.

First up we have “Floral Bell” which begins proceedings with a simple but not understated kick, and a simple melodic loop. As the track progresses it fills with electronic sounds and atmospheric landscapes until it builds into a huge electronic soundscape that would not sound out of place on a Nathan Fake release. The break builds in complexity with some cool effects and some awesome contorted sounds before it breaks and then slowly begins its atmospheric build once again. Great work here from Woodblock!

Next up we have the title track of the release “Illusion”. This track has a far more of an electronica breaksy sound to it. One that real electronic fans will love, as it builds cleverly with some intricate sounds and triply melodies. There is also a growly baseline in there or two. Very well produced electronic beauty.

The third track we have on the release is entitled “Breakdown” and it sees the return to a more four to the floor sound. Nice little early night melodic techno track here. As the title would suggest there is a significant break in the track that fits in perfectly with the sound of this whole release; beautiful melodies.

The final track “Friendship” is quite an ironic name with all that is going on in the Ukraine, but let’s not focus on troubles, let’s focus on bright young and talented producers who know how to create emotion with beautiful music, and that is what this track and whole release is. “Friendship” is again another journey of blissful melodies that have been hand crafted to work beautifully with a darker techno backdrop.

I could waffle on all day here but I will stop and just say that you need to buy this if you like intricate, beautiful tracks that you can both listen and lose you mind to. Personally this is one of my favourite releases on the label so far. Great work!

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!