Artist : Yews
Title : Selene EP
Label : Sixtysevensuns
Cat No : SIXTY001
Date : 23/06/2014
Genre : Synth Pop/Electronic
Review by Ian French

Yasmin Kuymizakis (Yews) is a Maltese singer-songwriter who composes and produces her songs in the confines of her own bedroom. She made her public debut in 2011 by uploading a number of songs on Soundcloud.

Yews’s sounds have been described as electronic, ethereal pop and is known for having a different setup every time she performs live, playfully changing and adapting her simple songs. “Selene EP” will be her first official release. I am very pleased to present the first clip of this EP, as Deepfunk kindly gave us the first, exclusive opportunity to review this EP.

First up we have “Keep Trying Till It’s Something. This track is a very catchy synth laden pop style track that really does just get in the head. Something you could imagine someone like Dixon playing in one of sets. Very atmospheric intelligent pop track. I like and was very surprised (in a good way).

Next up we have “Watch The Sky” which is a very heavy bass guitar laden electronic pop gem. Has an almost Massive Attack vibe about it in some ways. Really liked this from the first listen and again was very pleasantly surprised. A track I would love to hear on a beach in Ibiza on some big speakers.

“Making Up Your Mind” is the next track on the EP. This track is the one featured in the snippet above and is a great chord laden electronic track. Yews vocals really are beginning to get under my skin by this track. A very distinctive voice that really does fill each track with emotion. I like this!

The fourth track on this synth pop laden EP is “Believe Belong”. Again, very similar style to the previous tracks and again a very well produced example of Yews’ work. If you think Kraftwerk with a female vocal you won’t be far wrong. A very 80s sound to it!!!

The final track on the EP is the “Never Leave Yourself Behind” which has an almost XX like guitar riff that is behind a great 80s synth like vibe. I must admit the vocal does get a little repetitive but still very well produced.

Certainly a release that is not what you would describe as “typical” Deepfunk sounds but an EP that is great easy listening. I would love to see some remixes of this released and would be intrigued what direction some remixers would take the tracks… Henry Saiz would be one name I would love to see remix some of this work. Anyway I digress, a great release that is very different from the modern day dance floor killer. Deepfunk is clearly going to use this label as an outlet for a range of very different sounds that are not necessarily club or dance floor orientated.

About the Author

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